Not a Morning Person

I have accepted the reality.  I am not a morning person.  I’m never going to be a morning person.  Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.06.41 PMIt is a losing battle to try and be a morning person.  Even though I dream and hope to be a morning person, it isn’t going to happen.  There is a woman I see each morning on my way to drop off my daughter at school.  She sits in her adorable three season room, her office, clicking away at her computer.  My daughter jokingly tells me she is really just playing candy crush with a bunch of her senior friends online.  But I imagine she has been up since five, diligently writing.  The earliest I can get up without being grumpy is 6:45.  When given the chance, I will go back to sleep.  Why can’t I accept it.  Each day I hope to wake up, jump out of bed, ready to embrace the day.  It helps when it’s light outside.  Other people moving around in the house makes it a little easier. So yesterday I posted about my accomplishment to read or write each day for two hours.  While today I write about something I do not want to change.  I will never be a morning person.


4 thoughts on “Not a Morning Person”

  1. I am smiling reading this post! It is something I can totally identify with – I think I am a morning person, but given the chance to sleep I will ALWAYS choose sleep. Putting your daughters thoughts into your post made me laugh and it gave your writing great perspective.


  2. You are right; we did have a similar writing theme around not being morning people. I have to admit, that morning thing is much easier for me in the summer when it is light out, the sun is shining, and I don’t have the pressure of getting ready to leave for work… 🙂


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