Singing Camp Songs with Suzy

Last night, my youngest and I were hanging out just talking about the stress of middle school, high school and the pressures of college at the early age of 14.  It made me so sad as an educator, to see her so pulled by the insane pressures our culture puts on college.  I continue to try and share my passion for learning with my own children.  But, as many parents know, the inevitable pull of mass culture can be a powerful one.  It’s hard to know just what to say when your child feels overwhelmed.  And sometimes just listening and letting the conversation take its own direction can lead to healing.  My daughter often thinks about the freedom and joy of summer camp to get her through the winter months.  I share her love of camp songs and summer friendships free of school pressures!  Last night she started singing some of her favorites out of no where.  I knew so many of them it was comical.   We basked in singing camp songs with reckless abandon for the greater part of an hour.  It was the perfect balm for both our midwinter moods.  We even revisited some handclap rhymes from my recess and school bus days.  What a hilarious way to spend a typical Thursday night! She reminded me how important it is to play with music and singing.  Singing has been an integral part of my life.  As an adult I often get caught up the daily routine of managing and maintaining.  This unscheduled, playful moment was as healing for her as it was for me.  It was like we both lit up, magically, acting out silly lyrics.  Honestly, it was the highlight of my week.  Both of us let out huge sighs and embraced exhausted by our enthusiasm.  It was a wonderful way to recharge our spirits!


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