I Don’t Like My Dog

I’m sorry.  I have tried for nine years.  And I just can’t like my dog.  I guess I love her, because I take her out and feed her.  But, I can’t like her. It must be because I didn’t have a dog while I was growing up.  Or maybe I can’t like like her for her accidents on the many area rugs we have tried to have.  When we had bar stools with backs she would jump up on the counter.  She knocked over my husband’s pico de gallo.  So we got the small bucket seat bar stools that can slide all the way under the counter.  She can’t get on the counter.  Unfortunately, I do not like the bar stools and now I never sit there.  She perches on the top of the couches like a cat.  When we sit down with her she doesn’t even snuggle.  Every time we go into the vet hoping to discover some sort of expensive ailment we can’t afford, the vet tells us she is the healthiest cocker spaniel they have ever seen.  My girls get so mad at my husband and me when we joke about her death.  Honestly, there will be a lot of tears in the house shed by both me and my husband.  The crisp Michigan winter evenings when I do not have to go outside and walk her “one more time” will be bitter sweet.  Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like My Dog”

  1. I didn’t think I was a dog person, and sometimes still wonder, so I can relate. Then my daughter declared she wants to be a dog trainer, so she is turning me into someone who just today said, “I wish we had a dog.” Thank you for such an honest post.


  2. Bwahahaaaa! Your post makes me giggle. Reminds me of my husband who helps to take care of our dogs (and cats) but has “no love for the beasts”. Saw a tear or two glide down his cheek when a few of our critters passed over that Rainbow Bridge. Thanks for your “honesty”. Just sayin’.


  3. I have to say at least you are honest! I can understand how you feel because pets can and are a lot of work! However, I think you care about your dog she just frustrates you. Good luck however this goes 😉


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