I can’t help but live vicariously. . .

I preach to parents how dangerous it is to live your life vicariously through that of your child’s.  We need to separate our egos from our children to relieve them of the burden of our expectations.  But, I am so excited for my daughter’s part in her musical, I can’t help myself.  With three daughters, birth order can have an interesting effect on the confidence of the youngest.  All three of my girls do a lovely job at appreciating each other’s differences and celebrating their unique gifts through support and encouragement.  Still, when the oldest is in college, and the middle is college shopping, it can be challenging for the youngest to see her accomplishments as equally important.  So, I’m thrilled my youngest got one of the leads in the school musical.  Even if she hadn’t secured a main part though, the process of trying out and feeling like she had done her best was priceless. It can take a long time for kids to find their passions and strengths in this overly competitive society of ours.   I’m so excited for her to have her own area to belong to.  So, forgive me for bragging.  I’m living vicariously.


1 thought on “I can’t help but live vicariously. . .”

  1. I so appreciate how you captured the essence of each of your daughters and their individual places in this world! I don’t blame you one bit…I too would be living vicariously through my child if they were the lead in the musical. (Take it from an always chorus girl! HA!) Thank you for sharing this with us today! So special!

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