The me I am: In response to Kathleen Sokolowski’s Post

This post is in response to the post Kathleen Sokolowski wrote entitled the me I dream to be.  She wrote a great mentor text to inspire.  I believe she was inspired by Anne Lamotte.  And so the writing inspiring chain of SOL continues. . .

The me I am dislikes mornings, but loves morning birds.  Their songs welcome me into spring, lift my spirits, set the tone for my day.

The me I am dislikes the number of students I have, but loves each one of them uniquely and tenderly.  They light up with joy in understanding, sing spontaneously during transitions, and teach each other.

The me I am is bothered by piles, clutter, and disorganization, but puts some things on the back burner in order to make people my first priority.  The children who require extra plans for behavior and work motivation deserve my attention over the crayons still under table 6.

The me I am is heartbroken about my children facing others who cut them down, but elated with their ability to show resilience.

The me I am wishes for change, growth, stamina, and strength.

Thanks to Kathleen Sokolowski for inspiring me to give myself grace and celebrate the me I am.


1 thought on “The me I am: In response to Kathleen Sokolowski’s Post”

  1. Thank you so much for crediting me with the inspiration! That was so lovely. I love “The Me That I Am” and love how you started each line by saying something you don’t like but then quickly switched it to the positive of what you do like. I feel like this says so much about you as a person, being able to look at the bright side of the situation! I really love this post! Maybe I need to try a “Me That I Am” poem.

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