Looking through a different lens

I rarely travel. But, after months of planning, I ventured out of my comfort zone and my small provincial community last weekend to stay with my college girlfriends in a Chicago loft. It was a rare treat.  Looking through a different lens of living in the big city challenged me in many different ways.  At first, I felt totally alone, even amongst thousands of strangers.  But then my friends arrived from all different areas of the country and shared their stories with me.  For hours and hours we talked.  Not only was I able to take in the rushing flavors of living in the city, they brought me into their lives.  Our conversations floated from our high rise loft to Uber cars, from restaurants to the museum.  The topics of parenting, reading, and politics wove in and out of our passion filled conversations.  The choices a city allows can be overwhelming at times. We tend to be a fickle bunch, each of us strong minded and opinionated, about EVERYTHING.  Yet, we still seek council from each other’s areas of expertise. Living with these women in college not only helped me form my world view but also set goals for the person I wanted to become.  After doing the living for over 20 years we were enjoying a rich dessert of our lives.  My challenge now is to keep those amazing sisters with me, to strive each day to look through a different lens, and continue to live boldly, bravely, mindfully and joyfully with them in my heart.


2 thoughts on “Looking through a different lens”

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the conversations that you had that also had other things woven into them and how you want to keep them as sisters in your lives. I have a group of college friends like this too. We live all over the country so we try once a year to do a girls weekend. It is always so much fun!

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