I let Easter get hijacked!

I have been really disappointed by my behavior this lent.  I don’t feel like I am shaming myself.  I only want to realize the opportunity I let slip by.  Usually, I try and practice extra writing in prayer, devotionals focused on Christ’s life-giving gifts.  But this year I let Easter get hijacked by busyness.  Here I am on Easter weekend, doing report cards, preparing for conferences, and thinking about my portfolio, due in four days.  Usually, I am a pretty good planner.  I look ahead and spread things out.  This year has been an exercise in balance and practice.  So how could I let this special time of the year get away from me?  I’m not going to blame others.  It is my choice to engage in certain activities that took me away from reflection and intentional living.  So I’m hoping to shift Easter to next week when I have spring break.  I will be spending time with my family.  But, I’ll have time to spend in reflection, too.  I look forward to writing and reading in prayer.  Instead of letting my busy culture take it away from me, I will reclaim it!


1 thought on “I let Easter get hijacked!”

  1. Reclaim away! It is a hard time of year. I too have report cards looming over my head and it’s difficult not to let it all get you down. I hope you can find the time you need for family and faith.


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