How to Celebrate Spring: A How-to Mentor Text for My Second Graders

This post is about how to enjoy the season of spring.  It only comes around once a year and lasts for three months.  So, it’s really important not to forget to celebrate all the amazing things about spring.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “spring  (as a noun) is the season between winter and summer, the season when plants and trees begin to grow.”

Here are the different parts of spring I am going to celebrate in this piece.

1. Birds

2. Light

3. Walking the dog without freezing

4. Opening the window

5.  Thinking about summer

Birds are the first sign that spring is coming soon.  Even before the snow melts all the way, birds wake me with songs of the promise spring brings.  There are even several birds I look forward to hearing each spring.  The dove is sometimes a bird I hear on a spring evening while I’m doing the dishes.  A robin is a spring time fellow poking in the dirt for a wormy breakfast.  But, my favorite. . . the male black capped chickadee singing two long notes calling out to make me stop whatever I am doing and listen to his call.

Light sneaks into my evenings when there is a time change in March.  I’m grateful to have more late light in the day.  Truthfully, the light makes it less likely I will put on my pajamas. After school, I am able to go home and still look outside to see shadows cast along the grass in the back of my house.  I might even catch a sunset .(If I am not too busy looking at my student’s work.)

During spring evenings it might still be light outside so I do not have to freeze when I walk the dog one last time.  Usually, my shoulders hang heavy as I slowly put on my winter coat before going outside.  Sometimes in spring, I only have to wear a sweatshirt!  I am so grateful for warmer weather when I have to walk my dog.

In the kitchen, there is a window right above my sink.  I can open the window when I am cleaning up after dinner or making a cup of tea to listen to the evening sounds of spring.  The frogs start their nighttime songs as soon as it gets over 65 degrees.  The crickets start to sing soon after the frogs.  I can’t hear any of them unless the window is open.  Even when it is cool on spring nights, I will crack open the window in my bedroom and keep the fan off so I can hear the sounds of spring sneak into my bedroom as I am reading or drifting off to sleep.

Sometimes waiting for a special time of the year can be more fun than the actual time.  Spring is a time for getting ready for summer.  The smells of the earth kissed by a thunderstorm to prepare for summer green can only be experienced in spring.  Thinking about dreamy summer vacation days full of long lazy meals can only exist in the season of spring.  Afternoon summer naps can only be truly appreciated in spring.

Enjoying spring takes looking around, noticing nature, noticing how we change our daily activities.  Spring wakes us up from a long winter nap.  When you go outside today, I hope you are able to stop and think about what is special to you about spring.


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