I think I can. . .

There is so much pressure at the end of the school year to get things done.  Although these tasks are important, we need to remember we teachers are in the people business.  They are little people who need our time, energy, love, and support.  They will be happier when we are happier.  So what would make me happy right now?  Having fun in the classroom.  I have so many projects the kids are excited to do.  Our biography projects have a ton of potential for fun.  I think I am going to abandon the traditional writing of reports and allow for some outlying writing through dictation.  The kids are collecting their facts.  The next step is for them to craft sentences and paragraphs about the people they are researching.  So, what if I gave them a choice to write, type or talk their writing into the computer?  What if I held the same standards of writing conventions, but had them enter the text in different ways?  I’m going to continue to push myself to enjoy the kiddos.  But, instead of making their work laborious.  I am going to allow for some choice.  Even though it may be tricky to manage.  I think I can do it.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . .


1 thought on “I think I can. . .”

  1. That little word is something that happens less and less in schools in our times: fun. Instead, kids ending up hating school at a young age. But I applaud you for throwing the traditional out the window and giving the kids what they really need while learning: a fun time.

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