The Magic Begins. . . paybacks from a writing routine!

So, I’m trying to stick to a routine in order to be more productive as a writer.  This is the first week it is working.  It took me a while to find just the right way to get into my daily writing.  But, I think I have uncovered the magic recipe.

Starting the day with an hour walk is a luxury I do not have during the school year.  I hate getting out of bed.  But getting out into the world in anyway must be part of my morning routine.  Somehow I have to engage in life outside in order to wake up and get my juices flowing.

Meditation is something I am trying to start practicing.  I’m taking a class once a week.  Just working on breathing for 5-6 minutes provides clarity.  I sit down at the table with energy and excitement.

Reading something from a writer is helpful.  It makes me feel like I am not alone in this journey.  There are a few books about writing I keep handy so I can glean a little wisdom.  I see it like a pep talk or a coach sending me off into my words.

The ten minute quick write.  This has been the most powerful way to get me into the writing mode. I even have a journal I use for this sole purpose.  It is a great, quick and dirty way to set an expectation for the writing flow that keeps on going.

Sometimes after writing, I will also follow up with a reflection about what I learned through the writing that time.  I can also ask questions to further a string of thought or theme that may be in the works.

It has taken me about a week to get into this routine.  Now, I want to protect it with my life.  There are going to be busy times this summer that will creep into my days: fourth of July, visitors, concerts, needs of my children.  However, I must keep this time and space sacred.  Because I am starting to see results.  There are characters growing.  There is a plot forming.  I feel an energy stirring.  And I’m so ready!







6 thoughts on “The Magic Begins. . . paybacks from a writing routine!”

  1. Summer provides room for us to establish new routines and it sounds like you are on to a winner for you. I find that because I travel so much in the summer I have trouble establishing routines, but I am trying to write more (and grateful that Teachers Write started yesterday to push me).


  2. Thank you for sharing what is working for you! I read it with the hope of finding my own routine. It seems the bottom line is to write. I love how you value your quick, “warm-up” writes, in their own notebook.


  3. Momentum! What a wonderful feeling. I loved reading about your path to developing routines to serve your goals. You reminded me of ideas from Natalie Goldberg that are designed to get your pen in motion. Glad to hear you found a strategy to protect and harness!


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