Taking the Risk

I want to thank Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski for reminding me how important it is to celebrate and make joy out of risk taking.  When I think of risk taking, I see myself in New York City attending the week at the TCRWP (Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project) at Columbia.  I did it twice.  The pay off for the experience was enormous professionally and personally.  Right now my risk taking is in the form of writing a book.  It’s a different sort of risk taking than going on a trip.  It’s quieter.  It involves more dedication than getting on a plane.  It is an every-day-show-up-in-the-chair to write kind of risk taking.  It is hours of wondering, researching, putting words to page, rereading and rehearsing in solitude.  I’m constantly wondering if it is worth it.   I think there is a lot more pay off than not.  I’m learning about myself: my capabilities, my endurance, my potential.  Sharing the experience of writing with this community continues to be a great opportunity for support and sustenance to keep going.


10 thoughts on “Taking the Risk”

  1. I like this….celebrating and taking joy in taking risks. How true…writing a book (or even a blog) is risky and takes so much energy. Looking forward to hearing how your book is coming along.


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