Looking for Healing

Today I need healing.  Not for me, for someone else. There is a person close to me  silently suffering.  It is not cancer or a physical malady.  It’s inside where no one can see.  She is young.  She is vulnerable.  She needs safety.  All I say cannot take away the hurt, the twisted words on her phone.  Lines of lies written by other hurting young people who don’t understand the damage inflicted can be deleted but not erased.  The hope surfacing is the promise of a compassionate heart inside her growing for the future of other relationships with healing properties.  I long for new souls to surface, friendships with new compassion and strength.  Pray for healing.


8 thoughts on “Looking for Healing”

  1. I feel your pain and am sending you good thoughts. My daughter deals with so much on her phone that it scares me. I want to take that device away, and in doing so take away some of that pain. I know it’s not possible, but to allow a fresh start, a fresh outlook on live, I’d go to great lengths to see this. Thank you for sharing this obviously painful slice with us.

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