Surrounding Myself with other Writers

For three weeks in a row I met with a small group of people at the library to look closely at writing good memoir.  They were such an inspiring supportive bunch.  I promised when the group ended I would use my new writing energy as a springboard to write daily like I did last year.  So here I am.  It’s 7:15 pm on a Monday and I am writing.  If I use every Monday night to write my Slice of Life Post for Tuesday, I only have six more days in the week to fill!

I learned so much about writing memoir from those three evenings.  Each of us brought our own stories in poems, letters, and narratives.  We read a bit of Mary Karr and some Stephen King as mentor texts.  We prepared for each other.  We listened to each other.  We cried and sighed as we witnessed other writers pour their guts out onto the page.  It was wonderful.  I’m so filled up when I write for an audience and get feedback about my work.  The experience with a group was intoxicating.  It reminded me of the feelings I got when I performed in high school in my singing group, or acted in a play.  There is a rush one gets from an audience.

The last few times I have written my slice of life I have been so touched by the genuine support within this writing community.  I’m so grateful for these strangers who pick a day a week to be an audience and share their hearts on the page.  It reminds me how important it is to take the time to give others valuable feedback.  Instead of writing on three different posts last week, I wrote on five.  I enjoyed it so much, I think writing my slice on Monday night will give me more time to read and comment for more writers!  Then I will get the benefits from the once a week Slice of Life challenge for Monday and Tuesday.  I know there will be some comments that go back and forth through the week!  My writing community and I decided we would come back together once a month.  But, I’m grateful to have this every week to keep me energized!  Keep going writers!  You can do it!



2 thoughts on “Surrounding Myself with other Writers”

  1. I was born as a writer in this community. They are my tribe. I’m glad that you’ve found your way to us. Your memoir group sounds lovely. I try very hard to write on Monday, so that I’m free for commenting on Tuesdays. But commenting can happen any day of the week. I’ll be watching of your weekly posts.


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