When your kid has to do driver’s ed in a surprise February thunderstorm. . .

Sharing the joy!  That’s what life can be about when we choose it.  It’s been a rough winter.  One kiddo already at college, the middle one shopping for a college, the youngest, just starting high school with all its painful, challenging twists and turns.  While all this important life is happening I’m teaching first grade with all its own craziness.

Finding the joy in our mess has been a theme for me lately.  I’m always on the lookout for a story in the daily chaos.  Last night, a pop up thunderstorm painted deep red all over the map.  When you’re living in a town typically earning 120 inches of snow a year along the lakeshore, a thunderstorm in February is quite rare.  Not anymore.  It seems our climate change is rearing its ugly head.  But the fear of a storm runs deep when your freshman is taking driver’s ed and has to do two hours of driving in the dark while that map is painted red!  As soon as I saw that first flash of lightning I raced to the weather channel website.  The ominous splotch of red approached just after my husband had dropped of my daughter for her driving practice.  I ogled at my computer screen, maternal protection overload taking on my body.  How was she going to drive in that?



This is the map she sent me when she and her driver’s ed teacher pulled over and switched drivers.

If anything is going to empower you and give you confidence as a new driver, (literally her second time on the road) it would be a bad _ _ _ storm like this one.

When she walked in the door she yelled at the top of her lungs, “What was that? I had ice last week and this week I was hydroplaning? I was on the highway.  I even did a Michigan turnaround in that!”

Even though relief was the first emotion rushing into my veins when she walked in that door, complete joy and laughter came a close second.  The way she embraced the craziness of it all had me hysterical.

When your kids are little, if you’re lucky enough to share the heavy load of parenting with a partner, it makes it a little more tolerable.  But when your kids are older, they can share in the joy right alongside you!

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