Creative Countdown to Spring Break

Its back again!  That blasted snow and ice.  In February the dark days were flip-flopped with peeks of warm usually to be found in March.  Does this mean March will now become February? It is going to take all I have to summon up the energy the sun gives me to push through the spring break.

For the first time my family and I get to go for a glorious week to Sanibel Island.  I’m already daydreaming about Ding-Darling Nature Preserve and long days with books in hand, napping lazily.  This year we are meeting two of my favorite people on the planet whom I usually only get to see during my treasured summer months. We love to make each other laugh.  So in a group text we have been counting down the number of days to break with numeral references that are puzzles to solve.  On 42 days before break my husband sent the text “Jackie Robinson.”  On day 31 I sent an image of Baskin Robbins ice cream, formerly known as 31 flavors.  I started to come up with a countdown list for the final 30 days.  This upset my spontaneous creative husband.  I, the consummate planner, could not just let this exercise be an unpredictable effort.

Today is day 28.  If anyone out there can think of a clever reference it would be greatly appreciated.



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