Post-Childhood Minivan Era

My husband and I both come from a brother / sister family of origin.  So when we got pregnant with our third daughter, it took a while for us to wrap our head around the idea of a family of five.  Where would we sit at the restaurant?  How would we all stay together on the plane?  One of the natural decisions we would make: the minivan purchase.  By now I already gone through two.  My second van is at about 140,000 miles now.  I’m looking to make my next car purchase next year.  Since two out of three will be in college next year and one in high school I was considering downsizing.  For about six months I fantasized about the Honda CRV.  But the reality of aging parents and college drop off trips seven plus hours away with the family of five reality keeps drawing me back to the purchase of one more minivan.

Last night when I put my groceries in the back I stopped to look at the years of their childhood stains on the carpet, the scrapes on the sides from Ikea bunk beds, the crack in the front from last week’s trip to Chicago.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to renewal and cleanliness.  I think I’ve earned the chance to drive the clean car.  But, for now I’ll appreciate my janky mom transportation with kid written all over it!


2 thoughts on “Post-Childhood Minivan Era”

  1. I am 52 and my current car, a 2005 Toyota Corolla still runs well. But I am starting to think about my next car, my last car before I retire. I park on the street so I am thinking of going smaller: a Fiat or a Mini. It is s fun thing to fantasize about.

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  2. I just got a new to me car after driving the same car for 12 years. I was very sure the I would be purchasing a Honda CRV. I actually found a gently used Acura, which I guess you could say the CRV’s cousin. I love it. Happy shopping. ~Amy


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