Me? A writer? Naw, you’re kidding!

I could never have predicted I would love writing as much as I do.  As a child I was a terrible speller.  Reading never really hooked me like it did my friends.  But getting into education to support other students like me forced me to research the idea of reading.  As soon as I learned about why and how I read, something clicked.  Getting an english concentration in college and studying texts like Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Oliver Keene in graduate school were the keys to unlock the door to my writing identity.  First I had to establish a reading identity.  Slowly, as I labored over comments on student report cards and newsletter articles for my students’ parents until my writing self demanded more space in my life.  I never would have thought at the age of 44 I would be known among my colleagues and friends as a person to go to for book recommendations.  It gives me joy, this writing/reading self.  It is a reflective part of me I try to grow each day.  I’m grateful to the teachers at Two Writing Teachers for maintaining this idea for the last 10 years.  It has truly bridged my teaching life with my own reading/writing life seemlessly.


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