Trying to give life to the program

After all these years of learning, I’m teaching a reading program.  It has taken me time to accept the reality after training in reading and writing workshop for over ten years and sending myself to Teacher’s College twice.

Yesterday, I brought in the New York Times to show my students.  I am getting back to the basics of taking the little time I have to share my reading life with my students.

I feel like I have been keeping a secret from my first graders.  Although it pains me, I have to find a way through.  Each day, I’m going to try and celebrate the discoveries they are making in real text.  There are children buying Frog and Toad to share with the rest of the class. So I must be doing something right.



4 thoughts on “Trying to give life to the program”

  1. I watch my pre-service teachers struggle with this once they get into the field: all that they’ve learned and experienced themselves in their courses, all that they know to be true about reading and writing, they’re asked to set aside in favor of a canned program developed by publishers, not educators. It breaks my heart for them and their students. I love that you are finding ways to hack the program. I believe that’s what so much good teaching is about–hacking!

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