The few precious moments when we connect with other teachers


All day we devote our energy to the kiddos,  our broadway faces, bright and engaging.  Even though I love what I do, it’s exhausting.  This is why I’m so grateful for moments of laughter with other teachers to fill my tank back up.  Meeting to go over math data is rarely fulfilling.  However, taking time in between discussing the data to laugh and share with my teaching partner was just what I needed to end my yesterday.  Over the years, my teaching partner and I have found small moments to share stories from our day, recommend book titles, or re-live some favorite episodes from Outlander.  Our love of good story continues to bind our interests together and carry us through the hardest days.  In this rough patch of the year, when the cold continues to sting my cheeks on the way into the building, I anticipate moments of warmth and laughter yet to come.

(Photo credit Matt Batchelor)


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