The simple gesture of wearing a floppy cozy hat


All weekend I’ve been wearing the same hat. It has become my floppy, oversized security blanket.  These last few weeks before spring break are tough.  So this rediculous hat has become my comfort.  It helps that it is snowing.  But its fun to think of it like a good luck charm for writing.  I picture Jo from the movie Little Women wearing a hat as she writes in the attic.  It stops me from pulling at my hair, a nervous habit.  This past weekend while my husband was gone I even fell asleep in it watching Pride and Prejudice (the Matthew Macfadyen, Kiera Knightley version) for the umteenth time.  Since I didn’t take it off when I came in the door after school, my husband asked me if I wore it all day.  Since I help with the parent-pick-up-traffic-flow at the end of school day, I was able to get away with donning it about 3:30.  It’s 8:30 pm and I still haven’t taken it off.  These little gestures are going to get me through the next two and a half weeks up to spring break.


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