A lesson in sadness

Today I heard some bad news about a friend.  Then I read a very powerful post from another slicer about her reading journey during her husband’s death. My mother-in-law’s health is mysteriously and quickly declining.  Heavy stuff. Such is Lent.  Do I only look for hope in presence of suffering?    Does my resilience become compromised with more suffering or is it strengthened?   My knee jerk reaction is to escape. So I’m searching.  I’m looking for a way out.  Yesterday, I posted about the importance of listening.  After 24 hours of intentional listening, I’m exhausted.  I tend to try and avoid or distract myself from these feelings of despair.  Why don’t I turn on Netflix, or just browse through instagram or Facebook? No. I’m letting it linger.  I’m paying attention.  With all the information I allow into my life I start to develop this thick skin, a lens in which to sort headlines and stories others share instead of letting them change me.  What can I learn?  Life is fragile. Look around and take it in.  Just because it’s painful doesn’t mean it’s not worth learning from.




7 thoughts on “A lesson in sadness”

  1. Great lesson that you ended with! I’m sorry for your hard times right now. I know difficult times change us completely. They taught me that life is messy and to try and be understanding that I don’t know the struggles someone is going through, just as they don’t necessarily know mine.

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  2. A brave post. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I agree, there is a lot to be learned in these moments. But after losing a brother, I can also say that one can’t sustain this stance 24 hours a day. Give yourself permission to be distracted sometimes. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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    1. Thankfully, I’m a pretty well balanced person (after a lot of hard work.) Thanks for giving me permission to be distracted. I tend to be hard on myself.

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    1. Thank you for reminding me of this. I, too kept thinking the word “wisdom” as I was writing the post. Even though it’s not the kind of wisdom we all plan on, it’s part of our human beauty.

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