Remember, this little one is someone’s everything

Celebrating each child is so important at parent teacher conferences.  My goal is always to let parents know how much I value their kiddo before getting into the nitty gritty of “but how is my kid really doing”.  In twenty two years of teaching first and second graders, it has been a challenge to bring it at this time of the year.  I’ve had the most difficult teaching year of my career.  Isn’t this supposed to get easier?  But I rest in the knowledge that it won’t last forever.  I will make it to spring break.  There will be a time I can breathe and go to the bathroom whenever I need to.  School is tough.  But, I’m in education for a reason.  I promised and promise everyday to give each child a fresh slate, to greet every little face with warmth, compassion, understanding, and guidance.  So today, I’m having two cups of coffee and I will bring it.

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