I’m more than ready to leave the narrative that is my busy everyday life for spring break!  Right now the countdown is 10 days.  Ironically, this week offers a full calendar.  So I’m thankful.  There really isn’t going to be time to look at the clock.  This weekend has been an anticipation for the last leg of this quarter.  I know I can’t find happiness in anticipation.  For me it hightens the anxiety.  Sunday can be a particularly challenging day of waiting.  There is sun outside.  I’m grateful for holes in the clouds.  The light blue sky has healing powers I missed yesterday.  Shadows are my proof .  The more lines contrasting on the boards of my deck outside my kitchen, the better.  My Sunday ritural of reading the Times awaits.  There is also a few hours to catch some chapters in the book Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.  Now, if I can only hault the spinning wheels in my mind to settle in and enjoy Sunday afternoon, there might be some calm I can grasp.


4 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. There certainly is a shift in the energy of Sundays, isn’t there. For the longest time, Sundays were a day of anxiety and grouchiness. Putting two and two together helped me understand and deal with it.


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