Sorry Poppy, but we have to sleep.

Last night at 1:30 am the house shook me awake. Seeing that time on the clock, knowing I could go back to sleep was so soothing. My husband and I have become bitter due to lost sleep from our whining cocker spaniel. So we are trying to rekennel her at night.  I hope this isn’t too abusive of us. Just having the time back to sleep has been heavenly. Last night was our first thunderstorm. I was sad. I know she was scared. But she survived. I’ve got a 12 hour day with conferences tomorrow. So Poppy, I’m sorry.  But we must get some sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sorry Poppy, but we have to sleep.”

  1. I like how you go from talking to the reader to talking to your dog. It made me feel like I was audience at a play, this slice an aside to your audience, and the last sentence,picking up the scene where you left off.

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