The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday, we were in such a bind of nerves.  Everyone in my family had something big going on.  We were all in a tizzy.  I tried to stay as level headed as my body would allow.  But the struggle to self differentiate took an insane amount of energy.  In addition to being a first grade teacher, I’m the proud mother of three young women.  Happy children makes happy Mama, right?  How come it is easier for my husband to remain calm through it all?  I was hanging on every text and every conversation in the midst of real pressure all three of my girls were under.

Today it is all over.  Everything went well. . . the big review, the state competition, the college acceptance waiting.  They all survived gracefully.  That continues to be my focus, survival and bearing up in the middle of the storm that can be life.  I do my best to separate my ego and not live vicariously through the lives of my amazing young women.  But it is so dang hard!   I’m looking forward to a quiet evening with a book and a lemon drop martini while my husband watches the games!  What a difference a day makes.


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