The dicotomy that is daily life

My count down to spring break is getting excitingly small!  Three days!  Yesterday I loaded all my clothes on my dresser.  Then my good friend I get to vacation with for a week sent me hers!  We are giddy with excitement.  So, why does good and bad big news come all at the same time.  Here is a quick list of my celebrations and struggles.

J picks college

L finds cancerous tumor in her liver

M finishes her art review successfully

S gets perfect score at state solo vocal competition

C continues to deteriorate in assisted living without any diagnose or treatment

I buy a new car

M decides to fly back home again to attend C’s neurologist testing

M and D sell house

M turns 20 years old!

It’s overwhelming the amount of big news I am processing right now.  I don’t want to be on information overload.  I’m trying to keep each of these people in my heart and prayers as they struggle and celebrate.  My hope is to cast a net wide enough.




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