Dramamine will be my friend

I’m already fantasizing about reading and writing over break.  We are going to have a lot of time in the car on the way to Florida.  But, I tend to get car sick when I’m not driving.  I’m going to employ the non-drowsy dramamine very intentionally.  There is no way I can sit for all that time without using it for reading and writing.  My husband is a podcast junkie, which I can do in small spurts.  While I love spending time with my family, it is dreamy to have all the time in the world to read and write. When a teacher spends all day reacting to and making decisions about the chaotic pacing of six and seven year olds, the time to think in writing and reading is luscious.  More than anything, I’m looking forward to being the master of my own pacing for ten days.  There will be

  • time to talk
  • time to ponder
  • time to think deeply about ideas not related to following the directions
  • time to use the bathroom lazily instead of quick-a-minute
  • time to listen to new music
  • time to laugh with other adults I adore
  • time to feel the sun on my face
  • time to listen to the waves and feel the breeze off the Gulf of Mexico
  • time for lemondrops (the drink, not the candy)
  • time to plan for more time to read and write

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